Zone Info
Realm: Destruction
Army: Bloody Sun Boyz
Tier: 3
Paired with: Black Fire Pass
Badlands map
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BadlandsBloody Sun Boyztier3に所属するzoneである。

Overview 編集

Geographically, the Badlands are located to the south of the Old World, bordered by the Dragonback Mountains, the World's Edge Mountains, the Blind River and the Marshes of Madness. The land is dry and arid, dominated by bleak rocky hills and dust-ridden moorlands. Weird rock formations rise in twisted shapes from the barren earth, and crumbling, haunted ruins from the time of the ancient Mourkain empire dot the landscape in every direction. All manner of predators both living and dead prowl the wasted land. Ghouls stalk the craggy bluffs, black feathered carrion birds circle overhead, and packs of ravening Chaos Hounds hunt for easy prey under the light of the green-tinged moon, Morrslieb. In the southern reaches of the Badlands dwells a great tribe of Ogres, and they will suffer no trespassers to enter their territory.

Countless tribes of Greenskins have called the Badlands home over the centuries; indeed, it is said that there are enough Orcs and Goblins in the Badlands to form an army big enough to invade the Old World many times over, if they could only stop fighting between themselves and reliably unite for a common purpose. Unlikely as it sounds, Dwarfs have come to the Badlands in search of the precious metal Brynduraz, also called Brightstone. They are looking for a rumored Mourkain tunnel which links the Badlands to the mines of Mount Gunbad, the only source of Brynduraz.

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