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ニューワールドにはナガロスラストリア、そしてそれらの領土に挟まれる形で大森林がある。ニューワールドには大数の危険な獣達が生息しており、この大陸に住み着いている種族といえばダークエルフリザードマン達ぐらいである。 ニューワールドは北アメリカ大陸にあたる。

The Eastern Lands編集

The Eastern Lands consist of the barren Dark Lands, the Oriental Empire of Cathay (the equivalent of China), The isle of Nippon (the equivalent of Japan, from where it gets its name), the Ogre Kingdoms which are in the Mountains of Mourn, the Kingdoms of Ind (India), The Hinterlands of Khuresh (South East Asia) and the Eastern Steppes (Mongolia and the (Eurasian Steppe). These regions are roughly the equivalent of various parts of Asia.

The Southlands編集

The Southlands consist of the Southlands themselves, The ancient Kingdom of Nehekhara (also known as The Land of the Dead) and the dry land of Araby, north of which is the Badlands and Marshes of Madness. The World's Edge Mountains continue down the eastern badlands and run south through the centre of the Southlands. These areas reflect Africa and the Middle East.


Ulthuan is an enchanting circular-shaped island continent in the northern Great Ocean inhabited by the High Elves, with similarities to the legendary Atlantis, although some say (based on its geographical location) that it is more similar to Greenland. Many other Islands surround Ulthuan and it is separated into the sheltered and cultured inner Kingdoms and the wild and rugged outer Kingdoms.

The Chaos Wastes編集

The Chaos Wastes are located at the north pole, and probably also at the south pole. At the very north and south poles are giant portals to the Realm of Chaos, another dimension entirely. The Chaos Wastes are, at the edges, a tundra-like landscape. As one ventures inwards, the land and it's inhabitants become ever more twisted by mutating raw Magical energy -the power of Chaos. Daemons, Northmen and mutants such as Beastmen inhabit the wastes.

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